A product enhancement that includes a drop shadow

Natural shadows to make the product more realistic

Product Reflection Shadow


Our goal is to make your image more perfect for your business

Editing images for an online shop or e-commerce website

Our services include:

  • Drop shadow enhancement product
  • Added natural shadows to make the product more realistic
  • Shadows cast by products 

More perfect & natural with realistic to improve your original image on the web.


We are all now familiar with the term eCommerce business. The heart of the e-commerce business is the product photo editing. We all know how effective a nice photo can be. It is possible to make our brain stop anywhere when we use a nice product. When scrolling our phone, we can experience it when some product photos hold back our fingers. A well-edited product cannot be skipped.

We are aware of the fact that it is not guaranteed that we will get the product as we see on the screen. Nevertheless, we are willing to buy a product that looks good.

  • Shadow Service for Products
  • A natural shadow with a realistic appearance
  • Drop shadow to make the product more appealing
  • There is a greater demand for reflection shadows
  • Excellent quality and super fast delivery
  • Shadow service of the highest quality
  • Automated tools are not used
  • Professional and skilled designers

When we upload e-commerce product photos to our websites or webshops without retouching them:

As a business owner, you should know what to do and what not to do. If you want to be successful in your business, you can’t be irresponsible anymore. Your product is in the minds of clients when they make their decision. A compelling photo is a must for your website.  A failure to do so could result in losing both visitors and clients. The brand you’re trying to reveal is not taken seriously by anyone. So you will be at risk. It is possible for your business to fail.

What are the benefits of product photo editing for your business?

Your website has a lovely photo to entice your visitors to stay for a long time. It increases your CRT rate and CR rate that’s good for your website’s ranking. A good product photo can boost sales as well as create a strong brand value for your business.



1.We use a ghost mannequin to remove the mannequin from the product. A mannequin makes it difficult to show every part of a dress and clients get disturbed when they see any product with a mannequin and they want to purchase it.

We follow the following process when retouching ghost mannequins:

We simply need to remove the mannequin from the dress when we do a mannequin. There is an automatic hollow space created after removing the mannequin. In order to fill up the space, we need to add the neck part on the back. Here, we need two or more pictures in order to create a neck joint editing that will reveal the various parts from different angles. In this case, we call it a neck joint service or ghost mannequin service.

2. Images are cut out by removing the background from the product. We cannot add another background until we make the leading product portable. We do here clipping path for cut the images out.


We select the pen tool at one corner point of the product and drag it down from the first point to the last point of the product. We save because if we want to change the selection, we need it, and then we press enter and it’s done.

3.Replace the background:

We need to cut out images when we need to replace backgrounds.  We follow the whole process of cutting images and then we just add the expected background we want.

For background replacement, we follow the following steps:

Clipping paths is done with the pen tool, quick selection tool, and magic wand tool. We use pen tool most of the time because it gives us the best result.

4.Retouching product images:

Whenever we receive a dirty, intertwined image or an image that has a color imbalance, we feel the need to retouch the image.

In terms of the retouching process and the tools we use, there are no specific guidelines. For a retoucher, retouching is like playing a game. Retoucher uses clone stamp tool, healing brush tool, and patch tool to retouch photo

5.Masking service for images:

The image masking service is needed when we need to remove that background that has too many curves, edges, and too much fur. When we use image masking, it can be difficult to remove the background from the hard image.


We provide other edit services for eCommerce products, including

  • Providing photo restoration services

  • There are many other services we offer, but we are highlighting the most popular and demanded service of ours

Maybe you are tired of listening to the cliche sentences that every company and website uses to market themselves. Another confusion may arise in your mind as to how I would find the best editing service. Therefore, you should check these features to see if they have this. Ecommerce product photo editing services are arranged here.

  • Send them your project to see how creative they are. Use their free trial offer.

  • See how responsive they are.

  • Can they submit your work within the deadline?

  • Pricing can be found on their website.

If everything seems fine, then you should contact them and give them control of your project. If you hire a company that provides editing services, you will get satisfied and your time won’t be wasted. Be motivated, updated, and creative at all times.

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