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What we provide is:

  • Shadow making for photo products
  • Photoshop drop shadow
  • Making shadow images 
  • Original, Natural, Reflective shadow

A clear image with a realistic shadow makes the image more perfect & natural


We are all now familiar with the term eCommerce business. The heart of the e-commerce business is the product photo editing. We all know how effective a nice photo can be. It is possible to make our brain stop anywhere when we use a nice product. When scrolling our phone, we can experience it when some product photos hold back our fingers. A well-edited product cannot be skipped. Image Shadow making Service in Dhaka Bangladesh.

We are aware of the fact that it is not guaranteed that we will get the product as we see on the screen. Nevertheless, we are willing to buy a product that looks good.

  • Shadow Service for Products
  • A natural shadow with a realistic appearance
  • Drop shadow to make the product more appealing
  • There is a greater demand for reflection shadows
  • Excellent quality and super fast delivery
  • Shadow service of the highest quality
  • Automated tools are not used
  • Professional and skilled designers

When we upload e-commerce product photos to our websites or web shops without retouching them:

Image Shadow making Service in Dhaka Bangladesh. As a business owner, you should know what to do and what not to do. If you want to be successful in your business, you can’t be irresponsible anymore. Your product is in the minds of clients when they make their decision. A compelling photo is a must for your website.  A failure to do so could result in losing both visitors and clients. The brand you’re trying to reveal is not taken seriously by anyone. So you will be at risk. It is possible for your business to fail.

A shadow is one of the most popular tools in Photoshop. Also, you can set up a shadow Photoshop default to help you make the image map. In contrast, for those who want to be a little more creative, here are a few ways to make your shadow and the image much more unique and fresh. As technology advances, magic must be made on the Internet, and wizards are in the software. Making image shadows is a well-known service used by e-commerce sites for product promotion.

Photoshop layer styles are popular ways to add effects, such as shadows, and bring down layers without destroying them. Every effect can be achieved with knowledge and experience. However, to achieve these effects, you must understand what each environment does and how they can be combined to create a certain effect. Shadows are traditionally used to simulate depth in 2D images. Image Shadow making Service in Dhaka Bangladesh. The floating objects in the background are created by creating a shadow image shift behind the object.

In Photoshop, drop shadows are traditionally used to simulate 3D depth in 2D images. The floating objects in the background are created by creating a shadow shift behind the object in 3D space. Photoshop is a wonderful program that helps create powerful effects later on. The image becomes significant when it is connected or innovative. When adding a shadow to the image that has the ability to give another dimension it makes it attractive, interactive, and visually pleasing. Creating a reflection using Photoshop is one of those things that at first glance looks really hard, but really isn’t, once you break down the steps like light Painting. The picture makes more sense if you have depth. Even a simple shadow has the ability to bring a new dimension to the image. The shadow may consist of a light source. It can be

  • Product Shadow Service
  • A natural shadow with a realistic appearance
  • Drop shadow to make the product more appealing
  • Reflection shadows are in high demand
  • Fast and of the highest quality
  • Shadow service of the highest quality
  • No automated tool is used
  • Experienced and skilled designers


If you add depth to the picture, it makes more sense. Shadows can bring a whole new dimension to an image even if they are very simple. It is possible that the shadow is caused by a light source. Depending on the severity, the reflex can be superficial, deep, or in the throat. This interaction provides a unique visual experience, and the eyes remain on it for a while. Initially, as it was. An image shadow making service is an essential service for online shops.

Therefore, highlights the dynamic Shadow Photoshop Throwing a shadow is a bit difficult for any artist, especially when creating the light source. While it’s easier for photographers to get it from a natural source, for graphic artists it’s a challenge. Editing should be done in the editing studio. It is therefore an art form to shed light on the dynamic shadows in Photoshop. Image Shadow making Service in Dhaka Bangladesh. When silhouettes and gradients are combined, miracles will occur. When the image seems so consistent.

It is a bit difficult for any artist to create a drop shadow in photoshop, especially when creating a light source. While it’s easier for photographers to get it from a natural source, for graphic artists it’s a challenge. Editing should be done in the editing studio. Thus, shedding light on the dynamic shadows in Photoshop is an art form in itself. When the consistency of the image is so perfect, you can achieve miracles with the use of silhouettes and gradients. Due to this tool being abused in so many programs. Therefore, attention should be paid. The graphics programmer can be called a professional or a beginner, or even a hacker in a way that creates a silhouette! Avoid mistakes of two other types as well. It can create 2-D or 3-D images. Image Shadow making Service in Dhaka Bangladesh.

This tool is abused in many programs. Therefore, attention should be paid. It is also interesting to note that the graphics programmer can be classified as either a professional or a beginner, or even as a hacker in a way that creates a silhouette! You should also avoid two other types of mistakes. It is able to create 2-D or 3-D images that were successful with techniques and tools. It helps the client’s business soar when the technique used for the website is used.

Shadows and reflections can give an image a natural look when they are applied.  

What are the benefits of product photo editing for your business?

Image Shadow making Service in Dhaka Bangladesh. Your website has a lovely photo to entice your visitors to stay for a long time. It increases your CRT rate and CR rate that’s good for your website’s ranking. A good product photo can boost sales as well as create a strong brand value for your business.



1.We use a ghost mannequin to remove the mannequin from the product. A mannequin makes it difficult to show every part of a dress and clients get disturbed when they see any product with a mannequin and they want to purchase it.

We follow the following process when retouching ghost mannequins:

We simply need to remove the mannequin from the dress when we do a mannequin. There is an automatic hollow space created after removing the mannequin. In order to fill up the space, we need to add the neck part on the back. Here, we need two or more pictures in order to create a neck joint editing that will reveal the various parts from different angles. In this case, we call it a neck joint service or ghost mannequin service.

2. Images are cut out by removing the background from the product. Image Shadow making Service in Dhaka Bangladesh. We cannot add another background until we make the leading product portable. We do here clipping path for cut the images out.


We select the pen tool at one corner point of the product and drag it down from the first point to the last point of the product. We save because if we want to change the selection, we need it, and then we press enter and it’s done.

3.Replace the background:

We need to cut out images when we need to replace backgrounds.  We follow the whole process of cutting images and then we just add the expected background we want.

For background replacement, we follow the following steps:

Clipping paths is done with the pen tool, quick selection tool, and magic wand tool. We use pen tool most of the time because it gives us the best result.

4.Retouching product images:

Whenever we receive a dirty, intertwined image or an image that has a color imbalance, we feel the need to retouch the image.

In terms of the retouching process and the tools we use, there are no specific guidelines. For a retoucher, retouching is like playing a game. Retoucher uses clone stamp tool, healing brush tool, and patch tool to retouch photo. Image Shadow making Service in Dhaka Bangladesh.

5.Masking service for images:

The image masking service is needed when we need to remove that background that has too many curves, edges, and too much fur. When we use image masking, it can be difficult to remove the background from the hard image.



The first curve is shaded. Curved shadows create the illusion of space between the image and the background. Figures usually have curved shadows. This makes the images more natural, and the shadow of Photoshop on top seems strange and unnatural. The best part of choosing the rounded shadow is that it looks realistic and provides a more realistic appearance.


A large table or reflection effect will find in countless modern and professional website adverts to research. As if they were sitting at a shiny reflection table, digital artists use this effect for objects and text. Some of the simplest types of college, but the very satisfying picture “mirror” created by copying the image and returning the form to reflect. Landscapes, clouds, patterns, and natural textures, and architectural structures work very well as a mirror image. On the way, we will also use smart objects and smart filters, and then finish with a proposal on the use of gradient masks to create reflections on the polished surfaces. Image Shadow making Service in Dhaka Bangladesh.

The addition of reflections on objects can instantly transform your creations to look ordinary or out of town for an elegant and visually interesting. If an object is standing on a reflective surface, such as marble or metal, or even on a wet surface, we expect to be able to see some reflection on the surface. Photoshop has simply built-in tools for creating those reflections, and for modifying their appearance.


The effect of the natural shade can make a more attractive image. Natural picture shadow image decorates intensely if it can be applied properly. Photoshop enables us to reduce the image and remove the background clipping process service time. But it is not enough to improve the picture. If you want your pretty pictures, you should add more quality to them. And natural shade can improve image quality dynamically.


Shadow making service is kind of an advanced level editing service. It claims little more effort and time on it. For keeping pace with the updated technology everyone is trying to be more exceptional, smarter than others. So the demand for clients getting harder day by day. So along with the new technology we are updating ourselves with every detail of editing service that our clients demand, that they are asking for and every time we try to improve ourselves for enriching ourselves. For creating a realistic look of the product, for making an appealing and vintage look every e-commerce retailer and every businessman looking for shadow making service. Image Shadow making Service in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Here  we  mainly  provide three kinds of shadow at clipping path graphics:

  • Curved shadow or Drop shadow 
  • Reflection shadow or mirror shadow 
  • Natural shadow or original shadow


Drop shadow looks like it meagerly raised above the background. It looks like it’s floating. When we draw a picture we try to sketch the hidden portion of the object by rubbing the pencil back of the product. We draw a picture with an inept hand we draw the front portion that we can see easily. We can’t draw the base and a side portion of the photo. When we are capable of doing it, it gives a realistic look to the drawing. And when it terms to editing the picture, we follow the same rule of sketching with a pencil of the back and side portion of the photo that makes a realistic one.

Reflection shadow:

We can see the whole picture on the floor with color when we apply a reflection shadow on the product. It’s a little bit tricky doing reflection shadow and it’s time-consuming but we have a specialized team for creating reflection shadow images.


Here we just preserved the natural shadow and changed the background and sometimes after replacement of the background we darken the shadow to preserve nicely and look attractively visible.

Does shadow help you to make your profit increase?

Yeah, I think so. Not only shadow making but every portion of editing like masking, background removal, color correction, ghost mannequin every portion has a great contribution to make your product appealing and attractive that can increase your profit, But it’s not the basic need of a photo. It helps to make people believe that it’s the realistic one. Image Shadow making Service in Dhaka Bangladesh. like when it was clicked it looks the same like now we’re seeing.


Without a professional editing service company by whom you wanna depend upon wouldn’t get you the good result that you are looking for because the professional will touch it with a  meticulous way, they know all the details here we need to apply. And at that time you can concentrate on your other work depending upon a company for making a shadow image.


Drop shadow :

At first, they select the layer side and make a copy of the image and then they select the portion by pen tool means we do clipping path at that portion their we wanna add the shadow. And after that we control distance, opacity, contrast, and brightness for bringing the correct result out.


Here we also select the layer side and make a copy of it. And then flip the object out behind the object create distance between two objects first the normal. And other that we flipped behind the first object  then they use an eraser tool for bringing smoothness. Sometimes we use feature and gradient for creating a natural look.

Natural shadow:

It’s the easy one to create. Here we just replace the background and do others that need to apply here. And we need to preserve the shadow when we‘re doing another work and after finishing the other portion of editing we need to check that whether the shadow is visible or not. If it does then we try to improve the quality by optimizing the opacity, distance, and contrast. Image Shadow making Service in Dhaka Bangladesh.


Which companies mostly dependent upon shadow making service :

  • Magazine publisher 
  1. E commerce retailer 
  2. Online business owner.
  3. Car dealer 
  4. Vehicles / Car retailer 
  5. Photographer 
  6. Amazon store owner 
  7. Photo studio company

These company mostly looking for editing services not only drop shadow but every portion of editing. And our pricing will be negotiable. We don’t want to unleash our clients for any reason. So If you already impressed by seeing our services and reading the technique out then contact us as early as possible.

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