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Local businesses are thriving for clients from the neighborhood, and it’s a fact. A website visitor from New York is not really worthy enough for a company in Washington. Optimizing your local business site for local keywords that people from the surrounding area are searching for is essential. Data Soft International Ltd provides local SEO services to help your local business rank high on each search engine for local keywords or key phrases and increase sales. If you would like to discuss local SEO with our best local SEO analysts,

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What is local SEO and how can you take advantage of it?

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential strategy that gets local customers through search engines. In terms of general optimization, it is similar to traditional SEO. Nevertheless, if you want to build a business for people in a specific geographic location, then you have to consider how to reach local customers. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh.

Think of it this way: if you were looking for a food item on the internet, then probably your search phrase will be like this “best residential hotel in New York City.” And if you type this kind of keyphrases in the search box, then Google will indeed show you the most popular and good residential hotels. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh. Now, Google is smart enough to identify your location and show hotels nearby your location.

Optimizing your website or webpages for this type of keywords need a special kind of optimization and other implementations. All of the The process and the facts are known as Local SEO. Data Soft International Ltd has served local business owners for over a decade and is the most experienced local SEO company.

Local SEO services are the best choice for specific location-based businesses. A local SEO service provider will help you with all implementations that are needed to increase customers to your business. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh. If you are not sure about how we can get you the rankings then keep reading this page, then you will understand everything.

Local SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that helps your business be more visible in local searches on Google and other search engines. Local SEO is most beneficial to entities that have physical locations. Understanding local SEO and everything surrounding it starts with understanding how Google works.

Whenever you type a search term into Google, it checks several ranking factors, such as how relevant your site is to come up with a list of sites that match your search. Google stores a copy of all the sites it discovers and uses small programs called spiders to crawl the web. Your local SEO influences how relevant your site becomes, its prominence, and how popular it becomes. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh.

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Best Local SEO Service Packages

Complete Local SEO PackagesStandard (USD $300 / Month)Professional (USD $600 / Month)Premium (USD $1200 / Month)ENTERPRISE (Let's Discuss)
Allowed Website/ Niche 1 1 1 Custom
Allowed Keywords Up to 10 (Primary Keywords- 4, Secondary Keywords- 6) Up to 25 (Primary Keywords- 10, Secondary Keywords- 15) Up to 50 (Primary Keywords- 17, Secondary Keywords- 33) Custom
Local SEO Audit YES YES YES Custom
Local Blog Article Postings (per month) Up to 1000 Words Up to 4000 Words Up to 8000 Words Custom
Local Page Creation 1/Quarter 3/Quarter 5/Quarter Custom
Website Speed Optimization Not Available From 2nd Month From 1st Month Custom
Google My Business Optimization (if needed) Custom
Google Analytics Traffic Analysis Custom
Website Speed Optimization Not Available From 2nd Month From 1st Month Custom
Contextual & Editorial Guest Post (per month) 2 (Each article 700+ words) 4 (Each article 700+ words) 7 (Each article 700+ words) Custom
Web 2.0 Backlink 1 2 4 Custom
Local Directory Listing 3 6 9 Custom
Niche Relevant Local Citations Built 5 10 15 Custom
Niche Relevant Contextual Local Forum Backlink 5 10 15 Custom
Professional GMB Local Business Profile Creation Add on Service Add on Service YES Custom
Professional GMB Local Business Profile Management YES YES YES Custom
Professional GMB Posts 2 5 9 Custom
Optimize GMB Listing Single Location Up to 02 Location Up to 04 Location Custom
GMB Product Creation 3 5 8 Custom
GMB Service Creation Upto 03 Upto 06 Upto 10 Custom
Special Offer Creation 1 2 3 Custom
Professional Bing Local Business Peofile Creation Add on Service YES YES Custom
Professional Bing Peofile Management YES YES YES Custom
Monthly Work Reports YES YES YES Custom

There are top 12 ways to rank higher on search engines using local SEO services

If you want to rank on the search engines, then you must optimize your website with local SEO factors. Data Soft International Ltd has developed a winning strategy that includes all twelve services discussed below.

Optimization for Local SEO

Different localities mean different cultures, and your business website should be optimized for your specific location. There are several tools and facts you can implement in your local shop. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh. Local business owners are often not interested in learning about local SEO, so we get their information from them frequently.

We recommend that they use local SEO services, because they think if they rank on search engines with traditional SEO, they will get enough sales. Without local SEO optimization, you are losing most of the sales your competitors are getting.

Local Keyword Optimization

Another essential fact that you should apply to each of your websites is keyword optimization. You cannot guarantee that your page will be ranked for a targeted search query without keyword optimization.

Well, local keywords are not like traditional keywords, and they do not have the same intent. Local keywords are mostly searched for by people to buy or learn about something, and the searcher is likely to be a customer. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh.

Local keywords are keywords that contain the location name. However, if your location service is enabled on the device, the search query changes. Where I can find the best burger nearby (keyword without location name), best burger in (your location name), are the example for both kinds of local keywords.

You will rank easily for “near me” keywords if you rank for the local keyword, since Google shows results based on location. Make sure your pages are keyword optimized for local SEO.

Our Local Keyword Research team is the best in the industry and our services are extraordinary. You will be satisfied with our service with no worries, and we will implement our solution to keep you ranked higher and increase your revenue.

Local Content Development

Local content plays an important role in local SEO since it contains material written in a local tone. Include local words, location names, and phrases in your content. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh. The most important thing you can publish on your website is quality content. Local SEO is useless without quality content that is optimized with local keywords.

Provide local readers with content that meets their needs. Keep in mind that engaging readers with content is the best way to drive traffic to your website. At Data Soft International Ltd, we have a writers’ team who write thorough and in-depth locally optimized content. These content will get ranked for targeted keywords and bring potential clients.

Location-based Landing Pages

Local businesses that provide products and services in multiple locations can use landing pages with relevant content to direct them to the sales page. We have seen that this landing page improves sales growth by 200% within six months of implementation, so it’s a fascinating strategy.

Data Soft international Ltd has the capability of designing and developing location-based landing pages with quality content that would rank for targeted keywords and reach those people. You’ll gain unlimited organic visitors if you rank, and you’ll receive customers at a constant rate.

Mobile Responsiveness Optimization

Mobile responsiveness is another essential factor for ranking higher on the search engine. People are increasingly searching for products and services using their smartphones or other small devices. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh. However, if your device is not optimized, you won’t rank on the search engine.

Mobile responsiveness will ensure that your consumers feel comfortable while using your website. Visitors will be able to see every element on your site perfectly.

Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business (GMB) is the most effective local business listing feature that Google provides free of charge. Having a GMB profile is quite important for local businesses when it comes to search engine ranking.

Google often displays the most reputable and GMB-optimized companies when people search for any products or services. The listing calls for three local results, and those companies are in searchers’ local area. Here’s a picture of how it looks.
It is interesting and attractive for business owners to see their business in this three-pack listing on Google. There is a map indicating the location of the business shop in the listing. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh. However, most people scroll to pick the one they like to order from.

In order to rank on the Google 3-packs listing, you need to follow the optimization instructions of how to set up your Google My Business profile. You may see your business listing like the one below once you have done everything correctly.

Businesses are not doing it correctly most of the time. Therefore, they are not appearing in search results. It is a wise decision, however, to take expert help and develop a detailed profile on all listing sites. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh.

We at Data Soft International Ltd have been providing local business listing services for many years, and now we have a whole team of experts to make sure it’s done right. You will surely get enough organic sales through GMB and other listing profiles if you choose us.

Reputation Management

Building and maintaining a good reputation will satisfy them while they are searching for your products or services. For a business to build a good reputation, it is important to serve or deliver the best products to customers.

One thing to remember is getting only positive reviews from everyone may seem fishy to people that how can everyone provide positive reviews without hesitation. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh. Having a few negative reviews would not affect your reputation, but you should always try to satisfy unhappy customers.

Since more than a decade, Data Soft international Ltd has provided the most sophisticated reputation management services in the industry. Through our best reputation management service, we have helped hundreds of small, medium, and large businesses.

Local Link Building

Link building for local businesses is mostly done from a variety of sources without thinking about the localization of the links. Link building services for local companies are sensitive to the needs of our experts. Local businesses may want to get links from local sources.

We often focus on industry-specific link building for traditional link building, but we follow localized link building strategies for local businesses. Within the Local SEO service, Data Soft International Ltd offers the most sophisticated service for local link building.

Local Citation Building

Besides the business listing for your local company, citation building also enhances the visibility of your local brand.

Citations must include several pieces of information, such as name, address, phone number, and website address. Localized citations from local directories or forums will play an important role in ranking on search engines.

A local citation building service can assist you with better brand visibility and organic traffic coming from different referral sources. Data Soft International Ltd has a unique solution for your local citation building for your local small business.

Local Directory Optimization

Businesses can create profiles in business directories and receive targeted visitors who need their products or services. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh. Most people turn to directories when searching for their desired products and services because these platforms provide sorted lists for the respective products and services.

Our company offers the best directory submission capabilities for local businesses, which is an essential part of Local SEO. We have a dedicated team that works on directory submission projects, and they are industry experts.

Local Review & Rating Management

Typically, local companies provide products or services within a specific geographical area. Existing and new customers are often reviewing the provider on different platforms like Google, Yelp, Bing, etc. These platforms let users share their opinion about any company listed on them.

When you’re trying to improve your products or services, it can be difficult to reach out to those customers and ask for a review or rating.

Data Soft International Ltd offers the best local review and rating management that takes care of any concerns you may have regarding ratings and local reviews. Our team will manage everything you need to connect with your consumers. Physical business needs the most sophisticated assessment & rating management service to track the performance and suggest the company owner how to improve their business.

Local User Experience Optimization

A website’s user experience is another important aspect. The more user-friendly your website is, the more visitors you will receive. In addition, your user experience (UX) is also sending signals to search engine robots, whether positive or negative, and this affects your ranking. If you want to improve UX, professional assistance is necessary.

Data Soft International Ltd offers the most authentic user-experience optimization service in the industry. Besides serving the service, we also delve deep into the system to observe its performance. Our experts are industry winner working on UX improvement for a long time.

Benefits of Best Local SEO Services

We have worked hard to improve the businesses of our reliable customers during our service period of over a decade. Our local SEO service is a major benefit for local businesses. Below are a few of the benefits you will receive from our local SEO services.

You Can Track Progress

Local SEO is sophisticated and much more targeted, so it is much easier to track progress. Everything you implement on your site for local SEO can be tracked through our system. Additionally, we will make sure that you have every detail on how your site is improving.

GMB Optimization Brings Quality Consumers

A properly optimized GMB will provide more details of your business at a glance without having to visit your website. Additionally, GMB provides the ability to direct customers to your shop based on the distance from their current location. Here’s an example image that demonstrates how details can be included in GMB profiles.

google my buisness data soft international ltd

Increase Traffic Massively

Local SEO services will undoubtedly increase your website’s traffic. The reason is that you are using local keywords, including local content, and optimizing everything for local customers. You are submitting your company to a number of highly authoritative directories from where you will be getting referrals from me.

Increased Store Visits

From what we have discussed so far, you should be able to understand that we are talking about bringing local customers to your shop through search engines. When they search online, how do they find you? Include name, address, phone number, as well as directions on the map. This will make your online visibility perfect and user-friendly. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh.

Once you add the direction to your shop, Google will pick up the data, and you can then click on the direction button to visit the shop. Visitor behavior is influenced by it, and they are more likely to check out your goods. When they are in the shop and if you have quality products, then they are sure to purchase something.

There are 5 definite qualities that a local SEO company must possess

You, as a business owner, want to find the best local SEO agency when you need one. We do this because we want to get the best service that brings more leads, increases sales, and impacts ROI positively. Here are some qualities that you should consider during your hire.

Does Research on the Topic

Local SEO service providers must be able to conduct research on any topic or for any client’s business. Companies, local products, and services are affected by several factors. You may have competitors outranking you on the SERP right now for the products or services you offer. Research may examine the demand and supply of products, including their availability on the internet.

You will have 50% of your worries removed if you choose the right local SEO service provider for your company because your provider will take care of the rest with their expertise. There are several local SEO teams at Data Soft International Ltd that work for clients and win rankings over existing local businesses.

Transparent Payment Policy

Both payment policy and payment method must be transparent between client and local-SEO service provider. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh. As a result, several agencies are not providing a noteworthy service for what they are being paid.

On top of that, several providers are not sharing actual project costs, instead of that, they are taking the project on a low-investment basis. After a while, they start charging for services, and they should include them in the project details.

However, Data Soft International Ltd has the most transparent payment policy, so you will know every detail about your project and the costing you need to invest in it. However, there will be no hidden costs once you sign up for any service at Data Soft International Ltd.

Affordable Pricing Package

Local business SEO is a sophisticated service, and most brick-and-mortar businesses are doing it to improve sales. In most cases, local business owners are looking for a provider with an affordable price that they can afford. Many times, they are unable to hire an SEO agency for their project due to the overpriced budget that agencies offer.

Data Soft International Ltd offers the most affordable packages for local SEO service that you can afford without breaking the bank. You can also buy services you think you need with our “Pay for what you take” services.

Reviews & Ratings

If you are looking for a local SEO service provider, checking reviews & ratings is essential to determining the company’s credibility. Reviews and ratings can help you understand what their customers are saying about their products or services. You can work with a company that has the maximum number of good reviews and ratings.

A large number of clients have reviewed and rated Data Soft International Ltd. The testimonials and reviews of our services have been shared by more than 300 clients. Let us show you what we offer (the quality and the ROI it brings) and then let us be your local SEO partner. As one of the industry’s most efficient local SEO service providers, we are highly rated by our clients.

Client-Friendly Service

We have chosen this particular quality among many others because we believe that without being humble with clients, it is impossible to be the best local SEO agency. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh. This applies to any other services or products you may offer. There are a lot of companies that only work for the money and do not treat clients well.

In Data Soft international Ltd, clients are treated with the greatest respect and care because we are committed to improving our services and ensuring that the client-provider relationship is the best. Our clients can always contact us whenever they want as well as receive any information they require regarding their projects.

Best Custom Local SEO Services

Data Soft International Ltd offers companies that want to get more benefits from local SEO the most exclusive and customized service. Here are some of the features we offer to our customers who want our above the fold local SEO service.

Local Keyword Research

Local keyword research is a vital part of any local SEO campaign that local businesses need to optimize their websites. The only way to rank higher on search engines is to do keyword research on the search phrases that local clients type into the search engines. Therefore, without ranking, your revenue will not increase.

In Data Soft International Ltd’s custom local SEO service, we research local keywords in-depth. We have ranked hundreds of local keywords for local businesses with very little effort.

GMB Profile Setup and Optimization

A local-SEO service package we offer includes a dedicated Google My Business (GMB) profile setup and optimization. GMB profile is a GEM for local businesses.

Your business will not appear as a local business on the search engine without a profile. By using our service, you can optimize your profile for local search, so that people in your service area can find your company higher on the SERP.

Listed on your GMB profile will be your name, address, phone number, website address, directions to your shop, and ratings and reviews.

Also, people can ask questions about your products, services, and even your company. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh. The following is an example of what your profile will look like after we have worked on it

Local SEO Optimization on Other Business Sites

Our custom regional SEO service also includes local directory optimization. You know that people search for products or services on different high-authority directory sites, such as Yelp, City Search, Bing Local, etc.

In addition, we will create a profile on these platforms as well, so that if people search on these platforms, your business can show up right away. Sometimes profiles on those platforms rank for keywords, and if your profile can rank on one of those platforms, then you will surely get a decent amount of customers.

As well as creating a profile there, we will optimize them for relevant keywords that your customers are searching for when they look for products or services you provide. 

On-Page SEO Optimization

This is the time for us to talk about the on-site SEO that our custom packages include. We will optimize your content after picking the right keyword and writing content around it. The optimization process includes implementing a number of on-page factors, including URLs, titles, content structures, and header distributions.

Obtaining high search engine rankings requires all of them, and without them, there is no way to rank keywords for local businesses. Data Soft International Ltd provides the best local on-page SEO optimization service with its award-winning local SEO experts.

Dedicated Local SEO Expert Appointed

A dedicated team of local SEO experts will be assigned to your project. You will be informed about everything we are doing. Whenever you need any information about your project, you can directly contact them.

A dedicated expert will discuss with you the recommendations that will improve your sales and revenue. Some of our clients appreciate the fact that our experts always suggest them new ways to bring in new customers With our privacy policy, everything you do on your project is secure so that you can feel safe..

With our privacy policy, everything you do on your project is secure so that you can feel safe. Quality service is our primary goal, and we do not compromise on it.

Local SEO Management Services

Managing local SEO implementations, such as duplicate citations, GMB profiles, duplicate directory profiles, information gaps, etc., is crucial for improving brand reliability. Due to our experience level and success rate, we have a dedicated local SEO management service considered to be the best in the industry. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh.

To get the full benefit of a local SEO service, there are several things to consider. Without. No one will get the expected results if it is not managed properly. Check out our expertise and service features to get a better idea of what we will do for you.

Get More Physical Customers with Our Local SEO Services

With the implementation of local SEO factors, you will increase physical customers to your shop over time. When you use our local SEO services, you will see results immediately. We will employ a complete team to work on your project and to communicate with you at any time.

Based on our service, we have found that 72% of the searches for products or services that happened on search engines brought store visits to top ranking shops after local SEO was implemented. Local businesses cannot avoid local SEO, and a professional local SEO service provider would be helpful for optimizing your website.

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We are open to every kind of business who needs local SEO for them. You can contact us if you would like to discuss what you will get, as well as a detailed case study showing the improvements. You can reach us by phone at +8801627197089, or by email at

If you would like a free quote for local SEO services, please use the form below to request a quote. Do not just read. The later you are, the more you will lose a local customer that your competitors will gain. Best local SEO Service In Dhaka Bangladesh.

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